Published 24.03.2024  •  2 min read

Dublin Dance Festival: Around the Town

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2023 marked 16 years of collaboration between ourselves and Dublin Dance Festival. For the second year working alongside artistic director Jazmin Chiodi, we set out to create a campaign that would take over the city and capture the dynamic, immersive, and emotional essence of the festival itself.

A brand that emulates a sense of rhythm and constant movement throughout.

This years edition featured a line up of extremely rich and diverse shows, and to reflect this, we utilised colour as a core ingredient in the identity. Working closely alongside the Dublin Dance Festival team we developed a distinct gradient to capture the tonal variety of productions involved. Employing a bold, discordant treatment of type and imagery, we created a suite of core assets that seamlessly shifted and interacted with one another — representing the constant sense of rhythm and movement throughout the festival.


We explored a variety colour palettes to develop the right tonal range that would reflect the range shows involved in the festival.


‘In this edition, our aim was to explore a wide range of tones and emotions in the programming by incorporating the concepts of light and dark. We designed it in a way that we could move around this space of colours, bringing subtle shifts in brightness to each application, while adding variation across the different applications.’

– Cat Robertson, Design Lead at aad


Around the Town

To expand the festivals immersive experience to new audiences, Jazmin and the Dublin Dance Festival team wanted the campaign to take over the city, and not to be confined to a singular location or platform. To achieve this, it was vital to maintain an overall sense of connection and visual cohesiveness between the applications. The versatile system of design assets developed meant we could invest time in creating compositions informed specifically by the diverse range of applications themselves. We moved and combined the assets in a variety of ways to best suit the different formats while still retaining the impact and cohesiveness of the brand identity, across the campaign. From large-scale city flags and expansive poster suites to dynamic motion videos, this approach also ensured that the information surrounding the festival would be accessible to all, both online and offline.

Our diverse range of applications around the streets of Dublin


Invaluable Experiences

Being given control over the roll out and ongoing management of these festival assets was a fantastic opportunity. Learning to manage the production of such a wide range of deliverables, maintain communication channels and successfully deliver on deadlines, with the support of the aad and Dublin Dance Festival teams, the experience has been invaluable. I look forward to working on many more editions of the festival to come and collaborating with the wonderful Dublin Dance Festival team in the future.


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