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Building a joined up digital strategy supported by a powerful ecommerce platform for growth.

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Project team

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Central to Cushendale’s ambitious vision to update and position their 250 year old family run craft business as a future focused, international lifestyle brand was the need for powerful digital infrastructure that would work hard for their business and accelerate their growth. The primary aim was to improve the stores ecommerce performance, and to do this with a high quality experience, integrated with their digital marketing, while also streamlining workflows for managing their ecommerce activities.

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Our thinking centred around the need to build trust to gain customers. A key factor for building trust and translating it into site engagement and conversion was identifying a platform that would scale and provide responsiveness into the future. It was important that the journey across both owned and third party channels was considered and joined up, and delivered a premium experience that moved them to purchase.

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Building trust online is essential as consumers become increasingly more discerning. How do you instill trust within a digital space?

Shifting from Woocommerce to Shopify established a more stable and scalable platform, supporting the site build in the short term, as well as in the long-term when they were ready to synchronise their stock management and accounting processes.

Cushendale had a rich brand experience and convention tailored for offline. It was important to translate this into keywords and build intrinsic SEO value into the site architecture from the outset. We developed an SEO strategy that rationalised their categories, product titles, meta information and content. Allowing us to effectively position their content and products on Google, while also developing a structured site menu that would provide functional and editorial entry-points, helping potential customers find relevant products in 2 clicks or less.

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We worked with the team to understand the product qualities, surfacing new filters that provided added search value such as Hypoallergenic and Naturally Weighted.

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This project brings together the branding, imagery and overall essence of who we are in one place, accessible to all our customers at home and abroad.

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We worked with the team to develop value led promises that drive trust - a Made Slower guarantee, backed by a Repairs Promise, and supported by their distinct product values. We surfaced these trust indicators at key stages of the buying journey, and validated them with rich customer testimonials on the product details page. We also simplified and surfaced the communication of shipping rates, delivery information and geolocated pricing.

Utilising design and photography, we created a premium visual experience. Brand imagery - from social media, to homepage callouts, editorial navigation, and deeplinks on content pages - drives the consumer journey. Product photography reflects the premium nature of the brand, and is optimised for fast load times and shopping platforms. These help to capture and convey the luxury feel of the product and brand, even when the customer can’t be there to feel it for themselves.

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What we’ve achieved

3.5x increase in conversion rate

Quarterly YoY comparison

15%+ increase in AOV*

*Average order value

4m 37sec average session duration

Vs industry benchmarks 2-4 mins